30,700 Hospitality Endpoints


  • Lack of security manpower for deployment and management overhead
  • Most security vendors lack support for legacy systems
  • Remediation = loss in data and production Nationwide audience depends on receiving live news daily, making the media station a target for cyber attacks.


  • Deployment, remote management tools, very easy to install
  • Management/support: Not a fire drill, just simple maintaining
  • Virtual patching and remediation can be achieved without user interruption


A Managed Service Provider's (MSP) main concern of adding security to their existing services, revolves around concerns with security expertise, management overhead, customer support and sufficient margins, while keeping costs down. An MSP simply extending their service offerings with security, would be converting an MSP into a Managed Service Security Provider (MSSP).


In most cases, an MSP lacks sufficient manpower and technical expertise to effectively manage security services. Another obstacle is deploying a compatible solution still willing to support legacy software platforms, which are running critical servers for MSP customers. In typical remediation scenarios a user loses data and productivity time; the infected device has to be isolated, shipped and sent to a reimaging deport for at least a week.


Excelling in product deployment, customer service operations and an exceptional MSSP team, joining forces with enSilo’s dedicated team allows a seamless deployment. Adding the ability to remotely manage immediately creates a valuable information security resource for an MSP to easily convert into an MSSP. enSilo’s solution is easy to install with thin disk space and less than 1% CPU utilization, making it possible to secure critical legacy software platforms.

A combination of automation and orchestration capabilities provides an elevated product offering including alert management, 24 hour monitoring service and an ease of reporting. Another added value is virtual patching in response to a vulnerability in the system without user interruption.


It makes sense for a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to add an additional service of providing information security, enabling their managed services to be complete, and evolve becoming an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider). Easy installation, minimal management due to the ability to automate and simplifying security operation creates an easy transition for an MSP adding security to their stack of services. Also, enhancing the security posture by providing efficient security services to protect legacy systems, allows a partnership to facilitate customers that are normally out of scope, due to outdated software.