About us

About Us

Cyfyx Cybersecurity is a division of Idealstor, LLC. that is focused on bringing enterprise level security at a reasonable cost to small and medium sized businesses.

We provide businesses who are inadequately prepared, and deprived of the same security controls only available to large organizations.

The biggest challenges for most businesses are:

  1. A lack of adequate funds in order to implement proper security controls.
  2. A lack of expertise in-house.
  3. A lack of resources or no time to manage constant alerts.

With risks on the rise, it’s understandable that companies are spending more on cybersecurity solutions. However, more isn’t necessarily better. As tools are added to the stack, redundancies inevitably occur, and end up becoming a bigger expense. Despite the additional spending, breaches have been on the rise. According to some reports it has gone up by almost fifty-four percent (54%).

Our strategy combines the power of both Negative and Positive security controls to prevent breaches, rather than trying to rely on Endpoint Detect and Respond (EDR) strategy that consumes scarce IT/Sec-Ops resources.

This method allows our customers to focus on what moves their business forward, instead of worrying about how their digital transformation is going to increase their risk.

Our security technologies enhance or replace existing security stacks. Because of this, they don’t require:

  • Security expertise to manage
  • Consumption of valuable resources or time
  • Unnecessary spending for even a small business.

Partner with us to see how we eliminate redundancies and improve your security posture while reducing your cost.