Why Security?
  • Cybersecurity sells quicker than any other technology since it creates a sense of urgency and continues to be one of the most profitable sales you can make.
  • Cybersecurity helps you add net new clients but also leads to MANAGED SERVICES (RECURRING REVENUE).
  • Managed Security Services are sold at a premium, so the fundamental economics are sound from the get go. Adding to that is the fact that demand is growing.
  • As a MSSP, you can upsell a fuller richer set of services & you can go after new clients that need both MSP and MSSP offerings.
  • Buyers are demanding improved protection capabilities to augment failing protection methods.
  • By 2023, the endpoint protection market is expected to hit $17.92 billion.

“Cyfyx has helped us on a number of occasions to identify and contain advanced attacks and recently helped us close a large deal which has significantly added to our bottom line and monthly recurring revenue.”

Marcial Valez
CEO Xperteks
Nationally Recognized by CRN as a Top Managed Service Provider

“In our proof of concept, Cyfyx was easily able to identify the root cause of an infected system that was ransomed prior to installation, whereas the existing Antivirus was still not detecting the malware despite being over a month old, we were sold right then and there.”

Albert Tarrab
Founder & CEO
Future Subnets, Inc. Managed Service Provider

Let’s face it, there is a huge shortage of cybersecurity skills and that is not about to change anytime soon. This lack of expertise combined with time required to manage security platforms are leaving companies in status quo regarding their security posture. There reality is that next generation antivirus and antivirus solutions do a great job at hygiene and keeping the endpoints mostly clean (which is why everyone has one). They take care of the simple very well and address some aspects of the complex malware and ransomware out there.But the complex threats keep growing such as some of the attack vectors being used in ransomware attacks. For these attacks you really need a post-infection tool to address what happens when something gets by your prevention tools.Post-infection tools like Endpoint Detection & Response Platforms focus on dealing with endpoints in either a post-infection state or investigating things that could be leading to an infection (indicators of compromise). When looking at EDR solutions the thing to keep in mind is that there isn’t much new in the past couple of years. They’ve gotten much better at detecting everything. They’re very good at this. EDR’s are very good helping you hunt, classify problems and generally respond to threats to your endpoints. What this means is you need staff that must look at everything. Properly staffed with highly trained personnel running an EDR with NGAV for hygiene can probably address almost every issue to be expected. But to find a “properly staffed” security operation is very rare. Do you have a team that can look at every alert? Every indicator of compromise?
Hunting is dead. Indicators of compromise are no longer important for endpoints. Use a prevention first approach vs. Detect and Respond. There is a better way… and we have it.Provide cybersecurity services without the burden with total threat protection.Offer a unique and differentiated solution that is designed to work in harmony with other endpoint security products.
Powerful, Yet Simple Protection
  • No experts required
  • No time wasted managing alerts
  • No sandboxing, micro-virtualization or application isolation
  • No whitelisting or application control
  • No OS hardening or lockdown
  • No indicators of compromise (IOCs), indicators of attack (IOAs) or antivirus signatures
  • No baselining or user behavior analytics
  • No disk scanning
  • No cloud connectivity required
  • No rip and replace
Use a different approach, balance your Negative security with Positive security controls. This is as close as you can get to set and forget securing your customers endpoints. Offer your clients the best security services using emerging technology that is guaranteed to keep you running even in the event of a breach, while increasing your market share and monthly recurring revenue. Protect their endpoints and their data, out of the box, and in real-time, no matter whatCyfyx offers the ultimate in endpoint security using both Negative and Positive security controls to defend endpoint devices from data tampering and breaches caused by advanced malware.