Juxtaposition of Negative and Positive security

Cyfyx offers security service that provides both negative and positive security capabilities. Backed by a dedicated team of security analysts, Cyfyx provides the ultimate protection against ransomware, data tampering, and ex-filtration.

Many organizations lack the staff, budget, and expertise required to detect and respond to advanced threats. Our strategy uses the best practice for protecting endpoints while reducing cost, expertise and labor.

Using a hybrid layered protection is the most efficient method for cases where attackers bypass one or multiple security layers, or when one of the security products hasn’t been updated and/or fails.

Defense in depth has become commonplace and is considered an effective strategy used to provide cyber defense. However, overlapping platforms that are focused on detecting bad have created gaping holes that attackers are taking advantage of.

Negative & Positive Security models combined take the Defense in Depth strategy to a whole new level, by adding necessary redundancies and covering any gaps that may exist.

The "negative" (or "blacklist") security model, defines what is disallowed, while implicitly allowing everything else. The "positive" (or "whitelist") security model defines what is allowed, and rejects everything else. Having both models in your security stack provides the highest possible endpoint protection.

Our negative security controls block and identify attacks using the best AI models. Generations ahead of other models, that aren’t available to other security companies. Our positive security controls use Zero-Trust principles where we focus on what is allowed, while containing the trusted applications; they can do no harm even if they were to get hijacked using a zero day vulnerability.

At Cyfyx we cut through the noise in securing the endpoint and focus on what is truly important; preventing the consequences of a cyber-attack, particularly data theft and tampering.

It’s clear that the strategy of prevention alone is failing, and intrusions into networks are inevitable. Therefore, our goal focuses on preventing any kind of damage as a result of an advanced attack that gets past those controls.

  • Architecture And Planning
  • Installation And Deployment
  • Platform Tuning
  • Training


Cyfyx services allows any organization to defeat even the most advanced attacks by shouldering the burden of training and managing your environment for you. Our team of experts review and implement security platforms based on your risk profile and provides detailed recommendations on implementation and security policies that help you avoid a security incident.

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