Download the 2018 Endpoint Security Report

The 2018 Endpoint Security Report reveals how in the race against time to defend against new and increasingly sophisticated threats, such as fileless malware, advanced attacks and evasive threats, executing detection, response and remediation actions in real-time is critical. In addition, a majority of organizations are reporting an increase in endpoint security risk, while feeling insufficiently prepared to tackle new threats with existing endpoint security platforms.

With the enSilo Endpoint Security Platform, the race against time is over. enSilo works in real-time to automatically secure endpoints pre- and post-infection and orchestrate incident response with automated playbooks.

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • 57% of respondents say existing endpoint security products are failing to stop an increasing number of threats.
  • 85% respondents believe endpoint protection is essential for Linux servers.
  • 54% of organizations require more than a few days to recover from a cyber attack
  • A majority of organizations say that automatic detection, containment and notification of suspicious activity are critical endpoint detection and response capabilities.


Win the race against time by protecting your organization with real-time automated endpoint security and orchestrated incident response from enSilo. Read the 2018 Endpoint Security Report today!