“Nearly 98% of all recorded point of sale (POS) attacks resulting in a confirmed data breach”. Verizon Data Breach Investigations


Retailers, restaurants, hoteliers, and small businesses are having problems discovering breaches on their POS systems. Delayed detection of a breach gives attackers more time to exfiltrate customer financial data while simultaneously damaging reputations and diminishing a brand’s image. Undetectable malware are constantly bypassing security without being detected. POS systems are often under attack by cyber criminals for months, and even years, without being noticed. The majority of attacks on POS systems are only being identified once excessive suspicious financial activity and fraudulent charges are reported.

A data breach is never good news, but the cost of a data breach is proven to increase the longer a data breach goes undetected. Usually notifications of POS data breaches are made by credit card companies and banks making the correlation of multiple fraudulent charges stemming from similar transactions. Due to the size of POS systems and outdated legacy operating systems, such as Windows XP, most are not able to utilize all security solutions.


The enSilo Endpoint Security Platform is able to detect modern malware, including fileless malware and zero day exploits, before and after the malware execution. With enSilo, you gain full visibility of the entire environment with a small footprint which utilizes less than 1% CPU and only 40MB of RAM and are able to deploy on POS systems, agnostic to the operating system, including legacy systems (Windows XP). enSilo integrates so tightly with the operating system, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, allowing enSilo to identify cyber incidents immediately and can stop threats in real-time. One of the best capabilities of enSilo is having the ability to triage any malicious activity on a device and block it from further spreading throughout the organization.