Compliance And Certifications

enSilo Compliance And Certifications


Coalfire validated enSilo meeting the security measures required for PCI DSS compliance.
  • Significant and substantial support in meeting many of the PCI DSS controls under requirements 2, 5, 6, 10, and 11
  • Maintaining secure systems, meeting security parameters and malware protection
  • Tracking, monitoring and protecting, access cardholder data
Coalfire validated enSilo meeting the security measures required for HIPAA compliance.
  • The enSilo Endpoint Security Platform provides automatic post-infection response that prevents the theft or ransom of data on a compromised endpoint
  • Protecting patient health records with two solid layers of defense (pre and post infection protection)
  • Protection allowing patient activities and care to continue without interruption
NSS Labs’ research validates the strength of enSilo’s technology.
  • enSilo's Endpoint Security Platform received the prestigious “Recommended” rating in NSS Labs’ latest Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) Group Test results
  • enSilo’s platform scored 100% - among the highest in the test - in blocking against malware that executes offline via numerous methods
  • NSS Labs found enSilo has virtually no false positives (0.1%) and received 100% score against evasions commonly able to bypass layered security products
The AV-TEST evaluation determined that the enSilo Endpoint Security Platform’s NGAV features provide:
  • Best in class, 100 percent protection against malware attacks, including web and email threats (Real-World Testing)
  • Best in class, 100 percent prevention of widespread and prevalent malware
  • 0.001% false positive rate